As a longtime corporate strategy and marketing executive, I’m now devoting my time to developing capacity for small but worthy non-profits and causes.  This blog is a place to capture and share information about what’s intriguing, what works, and what doesn’t, for the benefit of small organizations and big people who want to “do good.”  You can find out more about me on LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/betsycstone

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  1. Good Evening,

    We are a Non-Profit and we have a New! Youth Program called “Stop Think Talk It Out” which is a program that teaches Youth to make better, effective decisions, using a 3-Step process, 1. Stop 2. Think. 3. Talk It Out, you can find out more about us and our program on our website http://www.somebodywhocaresdec.org/index.html we are wanting to get the community more aware of who we are and what we do, as well as getting others more involved in supporting us, and our program. Would you be interested in featuring us on your blog/Website?

    We look forward to hearing from you,
    Thank You

    Somebody Who Cares Destiny Empowerment Center
    “Helping You Find Your Pathway To Destiny”

  2. Thanks for coming by. I just sent you an email with a few questions to get your creative juices going, and a next step. I am on the run but I’ll be interested in learning more!

  3. Great, waiting your email, you emailed sbwcdec@yahoo.com ?

  4. I replied to the jasmine… Address that you used to register to comment

    Sent from my iPhone

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