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Philanthrophile’s been tweeted about!

Was adding a subscription into my RSS feeder and noticed that you could just use the name of the blog and Google Reader would fetch up matches – easier than looking up the URL.  Furthermore it told me how many people Reader counts as subscribing to that blog.  Hmm… I wondered… could I find Philanthrophile?   I did, and in the search results, I saw that impactmax had sent out the following tweet on March 17th:

Fab Philanthrophile post on 5 emerging opportunities for nonprofits from changes in mass media

And sure enough, the link took me to my post.  Oh, pshaw!  It’s my first “fab” notice!  Had to share.  Moment of fame now over…

Impactmax, by the way, has more than 200 followers on Twitter.  It – she – is a Minneapolis-based communications consultant.

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