Washington D.C.’s give local #Give2Max campaign

Sacramento’s Give Local Now campaign is trying to cajole locals  into giving more of the donations locally, having learned that a higher percentage of our residents donate to global issues rather than local causes compared to other communities. I’ve heard radio ads and seen digital billboards.

I’m watching Twitter this morning to see how Washington D.C.’s Give to the Max Day is unfolding.  It’s a 24-hour fundraising blitz for 1,300 participating nonprofits.

Although most of the day is ahead (and people may actually be working), almost 4,000 people have given at this moment to raise over $400,000 so far.  They even had one minute where $7,000 came in.  Communities within the target area are competing, as are nonprofits on the leader board (scroll down).  Click here to see a local TV news story featuring spokespersons from Razoo and United Way.  Razoo’s Lesley Manford reported that a similar campaign in the Midwest raised $14 million, so she threw down the gauntlet to the local area, “It’s like the Super Bowl of nonprofits.”


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