“It’s all about social execution” : Clara Shih at All Facebook Expo

In her keynote, Clara Shih, CEO of Hearsay Social, reminded audience members that people are sharing more information than ever before, and that the Facebook template has become a common language – from how people met, to where they went to school, to whether they’re in a relationship (complicated?). For businesses and nonprofits, it creates the potential for hyper-targeting, a new level of precision.

Over one-third of audience members said they had implemented Facebook Connect, which allows people to log in with a Facebook ID and see what their friends are doing across the web. For nonprofits that add this feature to their website, it immediately makes a corporate or nonprofit website page feel personalized, not to mention giving greater visibility to new posts, which show up on the users’ wall.

1. Target your message
Any of the data that people share in their profile can become the basis of a targeted Facebook advertising campaign
2. Know when to use which medium
Many small businesses – and nonprofits – find it very expensive to update their website, and their traffic is limited. For these organizations, Facebook becomes a more practical way to maintain a current Internet presence.
3. Be human, be authentic
Comcast has learned to embrace Twitter – even in the face of unhappy customers – and been able to put a more human face on the company.
4. Invest in killer content
A huge side benefit of fresh Facebook content is improving website traffic (improving optimization for search). She recommends posting at least once a week and not more often than several times a day.
5. Evolve your metrics
In the new world, customer lifetime value takes on a new meaning. A customer may influence others to get involved, or may become an advocate who can defend your organization – more effectively than you could. Those who engage with you may also contribute valuable ideas. So metrics are evolving to embrace these interim results.
6. Protect (while empowering) your people
In the old world, many functions operated in silos. New emerging ground requires marketers and communicators to facilitate corporate and brand compliance conversations as more people within organizations are online.
7. Have fun and keep learning
Clara shared Pizza Hut’s success with adding the capability to order pizzas from its Facebook page, rather than requiring customers to link to the order function on the main website. Nearly one-third of customers abandoned their shopping cart before; now the pizza ordering app on Facebook has not only grown sales but become a popular social sharing activity among high school students.

Stay tuned for my thoughts about what nonprofits are doing right and wrong when it comes to Facebook… And how they might apply Clara’s 7 habits.

(live from AF Expo… Please excuse any errors!)


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