Are you using questions to increase interaction on Facebook?

It’s a little ironic to start a post about Facebook’s new “Questions” tool, with a question, isn’t it?  Whoops, there I go again.

I noticed that River City Food Bank recently posted the questions above.  Of course, I wanted to answer “all of the above,” but more importantly, I thought it was a nice new widget that increased interactivity.

The tool has the potential to give nonprofits a chance to actually learn something about the ways that their friends and followers would like to engage with them.  In a world where people stick with organizations where they feel a connection, it would be huge to have a practical way of finding out more about the the different strokes that attract various folk.

If you’ve seen nonprofits begin to adopt this tool, point me in their direction and I’ll see if I can find out more about their experience.

Just added: links to a tutorial and a blog post about how to use Facebook Questions:

Reach Local’s blog post aimed at small businesses but with some good “how to” information

Mashable’s post, also directed to small businesses, about how Questions is different than on-line polling and other tools, plus some strategy ideas.  It includes a description of how one retailer is using Facebook Places (an online locational check-in tool) as a means of triggering donations to a local charity; the retailer plans to use Questions to let customers vote which charity they would like to benefit in the future.


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