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I’m always on the hunt for local communication channels that nonprofits can use to inform and build relationships with target audiences, especially as traditional news resources have dried up.  I found a new one (new to me at least), and I wanted you to know about it.  It’s Sacramento News Daily.


I dusted off my Twitter account yesterday, and lo and behold, saw this tweet from @goodlaura:


I checked it out and, at first blush, it didn’t look that different than and some of the other Internet-based news aggregators.  So I asked Laura to explain how it added value.

She tweeted back: The information is gathered from those on my sac-media twitter list. It’s a daily summary of Sacramento region news.

And then: Not everyone will find value in it but a number of people have advised me that they enjoy reading it.

And then:  I also have a “paper” for my sac-charity list. Because I have a lot of Sac followers, it helps spread their msg [She later sent the link to it.]

She also told me, via direct message: I want to start coaching the charities on my list to tweet relevant links daily so they will be included but haven’t yet.

Check back here for a post of an email interview with Laura.  Inquiring minds want to know a little about the back story and more about how to jump aboard:

1) When did you launch Sacramento News Daily and Sacramento Charity Daily to the public?

2) Your Twitter profile says you’re a program director with  SARTA has a very nice website that does a great job of feeding news relevant to the organization’s technology focus.  Is that how you became interested in the potential of aggregating and feeding relevant content via the Internet?

3)  Sacramento News Daily and Sacramento Charity Daily appear to be running on a platform called developed by SmallRivers.  (Nice looking, by the way.)  Did you reach out and find SmallRivers or did they reach out to you?

4)  Why did you decide to create Sacramento Charity Daily as a separate online news channel, vs. making it a component of Sacramento News Daily?

5)  Do you find all of the content you post from tweets? Or do you use other sources besides Twitter?

6)  And now for advice. Most nonprofits post news on their websites.  How do they let you know when they’ve posted something interesting?  And, pragmatically, is the link to the organization website good enough, even though there will likely be other stuff on the page?

7)  Are you the editorial decision maker?  Or is the process automated?

8)  What kind of content are you looking for?

9)  What length should news items be to be most compatible with re-posting on your daily news sites?

10)  What do you wish I’d asked that I didn’t?



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