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Very cool to have celebrated two graduations in a row (college, high school), lived it up on my birthday, took the fam’ on vacation, and arranged a fishing trip for my 93-year-old Dad that resulted in him catching a 24″ trout on the Williamson River in Oregon.  So please readmit me to blogging class!

I’ll keep it quick.  I’m helping a very local group fight an effort to turn my neighborhood in Sacramento (along with adjacent neighborhoods) into something called the City of Arden Arcade.  In other words, we’re running a “no” campaign in response to a proposal that will be on the November ballot for about 90,000 people who live near me.

Tonight I’m meeting with the volunteer who created the committee’s Facebook page.  I note that the administrator’s personal profile photo is what comes through every time she posts rather than the photo she uploaded as the profile image for the campaign. On other pages I administrate, my posts show up with the organization’s profile photo rather than my own.  I haven’t figured out the answer yet (tell me if you know), but in looking for a solution, I stumbled across Facebook’s own Facebook Pages tips page, which I thought was kind of nifty.  Besides the Resources page (shown in image), the Notes page is useful; there’s a list of mini-articles Facebook has published.

Among other things, the tips page has a link to a best practices presentation for non-profits.  Facebook also uses its own magic (Non-Profits on Facebook, which almost 30o,000 people follow) to send out little gems about how best to use the technology for non-profits.


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