Just for fun: mother’s day in an age of social media

Back in the day, Mother’s Day used to mean potholders woven out of colorful acrylic loops, or perhaps (yet another) ceramic dish for Mom to store her rings in while doing the dishes.

After tagging me in her Facebook status, my daughter sent this message:

Madeline Stone thinks Betsy C. Stone is super!!! Thanks for going through those twenty something hours of labor, give or take twenty something years! Happy mother’s day! ♥

So I started to wonder, how are mothers and their sons and daughters using social media on this fine day?

Some mothers, like my friend and cousin-in-law Jane, are sharing their Mother’s Day glow on Facebook.

Over on Twitter, #mymomma is trending third, mothersday fourth, mommies seventh and Mamas tenth.  If you want a view into the diversity of experience having to do with mothers, check out the #mymomma tweet stream.  Among the funny anecdotes and sweet tweets, like, “I love #mymomma so much I just want to wish her a happy mothers day n to all the other mothers out there as well,” are complaints.  Some remind us that some mothers are closer to the one portrayed in the movie “Precious” than Betty Crocker.  Other say more about the sender than motherhood, such as those who need to complain, using a variety of hashtags, that, “my mother even gets on my nerves on #mothersday.”

Social media is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the best source of inspiration.  I turn instead to my box of keepsakes.

A message accompanying “skater drawings” from my son:  Mom, these drawings may seem teenish but I’ll always be that little energetic, curious little boy inside.  Please forgive me about May 8, 2003 at about 9 p.m.  I’m sorry.  But Happy Mother’s Day!  I U!

(I forgave you, sonny!)


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