Not-too-late tip #4: update your website copy

To large non-profits, this is an insultingly basic suggestion, but the fact is that small non-profits don’t usually have webmasters on staff.  Often, no one has a formal accountability to make sure that the website is up to date.  So when someone is moved by a holiday e-newsletter or snail mail appeal to check the organization out, they often turn to the Internet.  What they see will either move them… or not.

Tip #4:  Take full advantage of your website real estate by tying in – though not parroting – your other materials.

Writing for a website is different than a snail mail appeal, so make sure your copy is punchy.  You may want to break up the content you included in your holiday appeals into a few short stories.  The website is also a great canvas for videos and images that connect emotionally with your constituents.

So go look right now.  Is your website as effective as it can be in supporting your holiday fundraising efforts?  Or did it get forgotten?

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