My personal post about laundry struck a chord

A loyal reader who asked not to be identified sent this comment about my post yesterday, my “ode to laundry”.  I am on load two so far today…

Your observation is universal. It’s why there were quilting groups in the 1700s and 1800s. The camaraderie of other women who were holding the day-to-day life details together without complaint is what has saved several men from being ‘snuffed’. I can’t tell if it is a genetic defect or an environmental one that causes husbands to be clueless. But can you imagine re-marrying a man who took care of things or made dinner? I’m not sure we could handle it…

It is this characteristic that causes men to remarry and women over 50-60 to NOT remarry. Several decades of folding laundry and smiling is enough.  One nice benefit is that this temperament causes (or allows for) ongoing alertness, and for appreciation of quiet time in early morning and late night.
Lack of it is what causes men to die sooner — absence of awareness of others and ‘what needs to be done’.
Laundry:  personal burden or boon?  What do you think?


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2 responses to “My personal post about laundry struck a chord

  1. It’s hard for me to relate to your reader, Betsy. My husband does all the cooking and shopping, as well as being groomed for the next National Sales Director with his employer. But then again, I’ve never been typical. I married later in life and enjoy the day-to-day chores. When life becomes unraveled it’s the obligations of that keep me moving forward. And isn’t laundry the true fabric of the household and our community?

  2. Thanks for ringing in, Janet! Good luck with your new blog.