Laundry: the cause that unites us all

Laundry pudding/credit Frederic Poirot via Flickr under CC license

Laundry pudding/credit Frederic Poirot via Flickr under CC license

I’m feeling philosophical this morning.  And in the words of a friend, content.  So please allow me to share a rare personal post.  Call it an ode to laundry.

This morning I woke up to an email from an old friend on the east coast.  Though written in prose, I found her message oddly poetic:

Next up on my agenda is more laundry and more fundraising letters, and at least a week of catch up on homework activities. And the dog still stinks.  But I am content.

Laundry:  it unites us all.

Last Sunday, scientist Carol Greider received a call that she was one of this year’s three Nobel Prize in Medicine laureates.  Later, while making the family breakfast, she told a Swedish radio interviewer,

I was awake, I wake up early anyway, I was doing the laundry when the phone call came from the Nobel committee in Stockholm.”

Years ago, I was one of a group screening resumes for an executive position.  The recruiter hit the highlights of each of the candidates he had identified.  That included the candidates’ personal hobbies and interests:  competitive rowing, extreme mountain biking, helicopter skiing, and the like.  The recruiter commented that one candidate didn’t seem to be “well rounded” because she listed no interests or sports.

“Give me a break,” I interrupted.  “She’s home doing laundry.  At her level of accomplishment, with a family, she doesn’t have time for her own activities.  She’s spending time with her family and most likely carrying the majority of the load at home.”

I’m smiling while I write this.  I folded laundry while my husband read the paper this morning.  But you know what?  I’m content.


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