Look over Wendy Harmon’s shoulder to learn about social media

Yesterday and today, I’ve seen blog posts referring to an amazing work-in-progress being created by Wendy Harmon of the American Red Cross, The American Red Cross Social Media Strategy Handbook.  At this point, I’m far more impressed with what non-profits are doing with innovative communications than commercial enterprises; perhaps they’re less stuck in their silos, or maybe they’re just more desperate.  Non-profits like the ARC are leading the way, figuring out not only how to use social media, but to do so strategically.  If there’s anything I love, it’s strategery (to quote our former president).

Why check out Wendy’s draft document, intended for staff and ARC chapters?  You’ll get a great tutorial in what five social media Wendy considers critical to ARC’s success:  blogs, Facebook Pages, Facebook Causes, Flickr and youtube.  She’s not breathless about these new media, however.  She talks about how to tie these media to ARC’s strategy so that they contribute to the brand, and further the results of the organization.  Check it out.

Hat tip to the Case Foundation and Beth Kanter for sharing the link to Wendy’s document (in PPT format).


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