OMG – Did I really say that?

This blog post is a confession.

Exhibit #1 – me quoted in an article on “Women Trailblazers”, when pregnant with my first child:

People ask, ‘Why would you take a new job just a few weeks before you’re going to have a baby?’ she said.  ‘I tell them that I’m just going ahead with my life.  Sure, I’ll have to make some adjustments, but if you don’t stretch, you don’t grow.”

(Oh, I stretched all right.  But that might be TMI.)

More recently I’ve told people something like the following:

“Sure, I’m busy, but it’s not THAT hard to carve out an hour a day to surf some blogs, write a blog post, and check in on my social media channels.”

I occasionally amaze myself with my own naivete.  I’ll spare you the details of why I suddenly went silent over the past month.  Suffice it to say I got overwhelmed with a truckload of professional and personal tasks.

And now, in the words of Poltergeist, “She’s back…”  ?  (Thanks for the pokes on Facebook and nudges on Twitter…)

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