Chicken or egg dilemma for nonprofits – what’s first: website, email, Facebook, Twitter?


Kathy Gill tweets - what's first?

Kathy Gill tweets - what's first?

I listen when the universe sends me the same message twice in one day.  Yesterday morning, I saw the Twitter post (pictured) from Kathy Gill, University of Washington’s social media senior lecturer.  Attending NTEN’s “Effective Online Communications,” John Kenyon, consultant, asked (and answered) the same question about which online communications component should come first.

Here’s what he said:  “Your website and email are the foundation of your online strategy.”

Here’s what I had tweeted back to Kathy earlier in the day:  “For commercial co, optimize website 1st, then blog and newsletter.”

Came across a summary of a new study (hat tip:  Mack Collier) that suggests blogs are going to play an even bigger role for commercial enterprises going forward.

For a nonprofit, I agree with John.  Make the website sing, and build off of that!  (Kathy, if you happen to see this post I want to know what answers you received from your Twitter followers!)


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2 responses to “Chicken or egg dilemma for nonprofits – what’s first: website, email, Facebook, Twitter?

  1. Thanks for this post, and it was good to see you at the NTC.

    I would add to this that it is often more important to focus on email than the actual website, depending on what your goals are.

  2. I’m guessing from your comment that you attribute more direct results to emails (donations, actions) than to traffic you attracted to the website through natural search/optimization. Makes sense. I do think that the website is important as foundation – so that people have someplace to land, get excited and make their donations or interact in other ways.