Finally did it! I’m up and tweeting

Screen capture from my Twitter account

Screen capture from my Twitter account

I must be the queen of procrastinators.  Took me at least three months to call Comcast when I kept getting “error 4” on my On Demand.  And it turned out the thing could be fixed remotely by having them reset the danged box.

But at last – and none too soon – I finally leapt into the Twitter pool.  WHY, you ask?  With all of the phone calls and emails we all have pouring in, what kind of masochist would ask for more?  My own reasons:

  • I’m going to a conference about non-profit technology in one week and I know a whole bunch of the action will be going on via Tweets.  If you go to a conference about social media, you’ll miss dialogue, connections and even content if you’re not on Twitter.
  • Twitter is a microblog.  I’m not sure I find the basic value proposition appealing – more  in post to follow immediately – but I do think it could get to the point of replacing much of what is not sent via email.  And people may even read it because the posts are so short.  It is the perfect tool for the attention-challenged.

You can find me  @philanthrophile

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