Don’t be a Parastichopus Californicus! Read this before you Twitter in passion

"Sticky pus" explains it all to you (thanks to OSU)

"Sticky pus" explains it all to you (thanks to OSU)

It’s true.  I rocked salt water biology in high school.  As it turned out, this little critter (a k a the California sea cucumber) provided me with a life lesson that I always remember.  Well, almost always.

The sea cucumber fakes out predators by appearing to have spines, but it’s really just a bag of mush, and the spines disappear into the skin if it feels threatened.  But if that doesn’t work, it barfs up its innards in a trick called evisceration.

That’s pretty much what happened to this guy who got a great-paying job with Cisco and then Twittered that he was trading off a fat paycheck for a long commute and work he would hate.  Uh, guess who Twittered him back?  One of his colleagues-to-be asking him who the hiring manager was because that person would surely like to be aware of his fine attitude.  Here’s a post worth reading, and this bit of advice from Olivier Blanchard at The BrandBuilder blog:

So please, please, PLEASE, for your own sake THINK about what you are are about to post to the web (especially blogs, social networking sites and Twitter). Before you click “send,” “publish” or “update,” assume that everyone you know will read your comment. And by everyone, I mean your boss, coworkers, parents, grandparents, exes, recruiters, future employers, and yes, even your kids (even if you don’t have any yet).

By the way, “sticky pus”, as he was known to us in salt water bio, can grow his internal organs back.  Not too sure about the guy who was almost employed at Cisco.

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