Get out there and get messy!

Ms. Frizzle of Magic School Bus has always been one of my heroes, especially for her encouragement to “get out there and get messy” – her way of encouraging kids to explore science by messin’ around.  As media collapses, it’s more important for non-profits to take Ms. Frizzle’s advice by participating online where people already are — on Facebook, on news websites, on Twitter, etc. (More here about collapse of media and consequences/strategies for non-profitsand here.)

When you comment, you are often asked to identify yourself, to complete a profile, or to list a URL where more information may be found about you.  We’re all hinky about privacy issues, but as a representative or advocate of a non-profit cause or organization, you want people to get to know you, at least a little.  So that means you should have a URL where you list a profile.  I usually use my blog URL, but I also have a profile on LinkedIn and I’ve also created one on the Sacramento Bee site since I’ve commented on the editor’s forum there.  I also created one on NTEN Connect, an interactive site set up to complement a conference I’m attending.

David Meerman Scott of Web Ink Now reminds us that you can create a basic profile on GoogleFollow this link for more info and to get started.


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