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Screen shot of my blog roll... scroll waaay down and look to right

Screen shot of my blog roll... scroll waaay down and look to right

Although I’m sure this didn’t miss your laser-sharp focus, I updated my blog roll today.  (Uh, what’s a blog roll you ask?  It’s that thingee waaaaay down in the right hand column on my particular blog where I post links to some of my favorite sources.)  The old school way of staying current was attending conferences and reading professional publications.  The new school way is webinars and blogs.  Conferences still have their place – in fact I’m going to NTEN’s conference in San Francisco at the end of April – but I get the most from thoughtful blogs of experts and practitioners.  Especially Beth’s Blog.

I subscribe to more blogs than these, but these sources tend to have the best stuff on a consistent basis.  And no, they’re not clogging up my inbox.  I use Google Reader.

How do you get Google Reader?  Google “Google Reader” and then sign up – it’s free.  Then click on the plus sign for “add subscription” and type the name of the blog to which you want to subscribe.  Tip:  type “Philanthrophile” and you should see this blog – the url will be  Reader will serve up matches and that’s that.  Heat and serve!  After you’re set up, Reader will show you the first line of each new post and you can decide if you want to read more or not.  If you’ve been subscribing by email, just “unsubscribe” the next time you get one from that source.  You’ll still get the RSS feed through Reader. 

Do you have any blogs you’re loving?  Post the link in comments or email me at

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