Generations collide on Facebook!

my facebook page

my facebook page

Allyson Kapin of Frogloop reports that the 55+ group is the fastest growing demographic segment on Facebook.  I was recently dragged – uh, invited – by a friend and can’t believe at how fast people have found me – about 40, seemingly overnight.  My 16 year old son thought it was kinda cool that I had a page.  My 21 year old daughter was a little uncertain, perhaps fearing mom-gone-wild status updates or photos.  (Believe me, I was a little nervous when she tagged 14 photos that suddenly appeared on my profile!  And I realized that being friends with my son means I receive his status updates like “going snowboarding, m-f-as”*.)  (*uh, not exactly what he said)

But this, I thought, was classic.  My friend received this message from her college frosh son.   If you knew him, you’d know it was at least partly tongue-in-cheek, but well, he really didn’t accept his mom’s friend request:

“Dear mother,  I am writing you this message to inform you that I will not be accepting your friend request.  It’s nothing personal, I just do not believe in adults having Facebook pages, let alone being friends with their offspring.  I wish you the best of luck in your Facebook endeavors, so long as you interests do not conflict with mine.  With love…”


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