Yet more helpful suggestions about low-tech listening…

It should come as no shock that the staff at Radian6, a tool used for organizational listening, pay attention when someone – even “philanthrophile” – mentions their product.  Amber Naslund suggested checking out a post by Chris Brogan titled, “Grow Bigger Ears in 10 Minutes.”  So I checked it out.

Chris has some good suggestions about free listening tools (in addition to mentioning some of the more sophisticated products available)… including adding Google Blogsearch as a subscription to your Google Reader.  He recommends a similar process with Twitter Search and Technorati, which I’ve thought about, but haven’t done.

Again, half the fun is in the comments (once you get past the obligatory “nice post” comments).  Rebecca Krause-Hardie suggests to follow keyword tags, and Andi Narvaez recommends creating folders in Google Reader to help organize by topic, organization, etc.  Makes it easier to go back and scan multiple feeds in one fell swoop.


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3 responses to “Yet more helpful suggestions about low-tech listening…

  1. Just tiptoe-ing in to say I’m glad it was helpful. 🙂


  2. catching up on my reading, and glad you thought the delicious was worth mentioning. its been so helpful to me!

  3. Glad it was helpful. Would you be willing to share how you’re using it? We’re all learning from each other!