Beth explains it all to you: the ROI of listening

My kick-off post in this (so far) three-part series included some great comments posted on Beth Kanter’s blog about their experiences with “listening” through social media.  That led me to a riff on how very small organizations can also benefit from listening, and yesterday, I offered nine steps that those same little guys can take to help support their missions and objectives.

Beth has more good stuff about this topic on her post today, and some additional comments that are worth reading.  Step #1 in my “Cave Man Listening Guide” is deciding on your objectives.  Based on comments from Beth’s substantial readership, here are some common objectives:

  • Improve customer service
  • Correct misconceptions
  • Improve program implementation
  • Improve marketing strategy and implementation

She also suggests that having a structured means of harvesting insights is important — right in line with step #8 of the Cave Man Listening Guide.


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