Crisis preparedness: a must-read blog post from Beth Kanter

What a difference a decade makes.  I had occasion to dust off a crisis preparedness template I created 10 years ago while at Hill and Knowlton.  My, oh my.  How infrastructure and monitoring has changed.  For anyone with public relations or brand management accountability, listening to what’s being said about you in the blogosphere is a vital activity.

Beth Kanter’s post today offers a sweepingly comprehensive look at how one should be listening.  It’s a little daunting, but burying one’s head in the sand and ignoring what’s being said on social media isn’t an option.  This is one time where I strongly recommend clicking on the link above and reading her full post.  As she often does, Beth embeds links to related articles.  Click on “listening goals” within her post today, for example, and Beth takes you to a thoughtful case study on her wikispaces page about the American Red Cross’ listening process.  And the end of THAT Powerpoint includes links to 10 additional presentations with interesting titles like:  “Social Metrics:  The Search for ROI in Social Media.”

In my next post, I’ll ask whether you have “actionable organizational listening goals”, which Beth expands upon.

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