This is SO not adding to my enthusiasm about Twitter…

First there was the breathless blog post from Karon Thackston (Marketing Words Copywriting Blog):  “Let’s tweet!  I’ve set up a Twitter account and have already been having tons of fun.  You can follow me at @karonthackston.  Pop over and say, ‘Hi!'”  …Then an old classmate, Steve, from my University of Puget Sound days, told me I should get on it – and he’d follow me if I started tweeting.

But today, I read this post – from a blog I find very useful, SEOptimise:  “Lately more and more people follow me who I have never heard of before. As I follow roughly 400 people myself I can’t follow everybody ‘back’ in order not to lose track of my many virtual Twitter friends. There already is some serious information overload bugging me.” 

Uh, that scares me a little.  Just thought I’d pass along “the dark side” of Twittering, even though I am still firmly committed to getting out there and playing in traffic.  Plus, I promised Steve I’d do it!

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One response to “This is SO not adding to my enthusiasm about Twitter…

  1. Don’t worry so much. I’ll show you how to manage. Someone said Twitter is like a stream flowing by. Every once in a while, you cup your hands, dip into the water and take a drink. It’s up to you.

    Here are 9 benefits of Twitter for Bloggers.

    Next, I am getting you on dopplr and delicious!