Questions about online reputation management

Twice in the last week, I’ve been reminded about the importance of online reputation management.  So I have a couple of questions for readers.  PR experts:  how has the buzz-o-sphere changed what you recommend clients do in terms of crisis preparedness?  Those of you who work in organizations (non-profit and for-profit alike):  what does your company do to help monitor and guard its online reputation?

A couple of days ago, a client was initially thrilled to find that they finally came up on the first page of a Google search, then crestfallen to learn that the hit was actually a yelp posting containing less than glowing comments.  Then I received a lengthy post from my SEOptimise subscription, including the observations, “A good reputation has always been a precious business commodity but since the web changed the way the world does business, it has become even more vital and even harder to maintain,” and… “Negative comment can come from any number of places; bloggers with an issue with your sector, disgruntled former employees, bitter competitors or unhappy customers, to name just a few.  It is important not to consider yourself too small or too ethical to need to worry about your reputation.”

Since SEOptimise went on to provide practical and thoughtful tips – including the importance of preparation and advice about “taking the blogger by the horns,” I won’t try to provide you with lesser fare here.  Instead, I’m interested to learn how you would expand on SEOptimise’s advice.


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