Settle down by the fire and check out this poem

To a certain extent, the Philanthrophile blog is a remedial class in social media, attended predominantly of those who were not “born digital” (to use John Palfrey and Urs Gasser’s phrase).  At a recent committee meeting for a local non-profit, public relations executive Lori Aldrete (ACS Quantum) shared this night-before-Christmas inspired poem, going straight to the heart of the matter.  Natch, Lori gave permission to post it here:

Okay, it’s true.  I was born before TV.

I watched Milton Berle sitting on my mother’s knee.

Now someone expects me to be “new media” savvy

When I thought sending out blast emails was pretty darn crafty.


Yes – I’m at the crest of the baby boomers.

We’re used to feeling important with the power of numbers.

Now we’re passé and leading the way for others to see

The joys of working past 60 and the AARP.


My world as a communicator and media relations pro

Has always involved press releases and knowing to which reporter to go

For the mass media coverage that would get our message out

To the consumers and politicians of which we cared most about.


It was so easy in the old days to reach out to the masses

They came in one lump sum — stuck together like molasses.

Watching “All in the Family,” “Laugh In,” and “Saturday Night Live”

We talked about reaching “Opinion Leaders” – the queens of the hive.


Now our audiences are fragmented and doing their own thing

Some into rap and others into “bling!”

The myriad of options on the internet cause me to oogle

And I’m really quite proud of my abilities to “Google.”


New media?  What’s that you say?

It’s now the dawn of a very new day?

No longer hip is voice mail, email and texting

We need to be adept at My Space, YouTube and Instant Messaging!


My daughter called and told me to check out Twitter

I told her I didn’t want any birds or be sent all a flitter

With some new teenage group hug with people I don’t know

Now becoming my best friends and to whom all I must show.


So friends, here is all I know from my perch in PR

No longer do singles find mates at a bar.

On-line dating has replaced a real face

And you can have hundreds of “friends” by creating a My Space!


My son started a blog full of news about his business and family

Now I check daily to see what he says about me!

Yes, bloggers abound of every opinion and political slants

After reading a few, I know why they’re called “Rants!”

Now “Twittering” sounds like fun if only because of the name.

More fun than instant messaging; because the question is always the same.

“What are you doing now?” is the only answer one must make.

Letting hundreds know you’re taking a bath is really a piece of cake!


Viral Marketing does not mean you have gotten a cold.

It is new and exciting and really quite bold.

For with the tap of a button to the world you can send

Videos, advertisements and money appeals without end!


Generation Xers were born from 1965 to ‘80 with the bane

Of being cynical from drugs, divorce and economic strain.

They band together with friends and multitask on technology

Preferring the practical uses of philosophy and biology.


Gen Xers are whizzes on personal computers, whether at desk or lap top.

Individualistic. They don’t trust companies with “suits” running the shop.

They were “latch-key” kids with moms and dads building careers.

Friends, not families, are who they trust and share dreams and fears.


Now Millennials speed down the pathway of life.

Multitasking and texting – sometimes friends within sight!

They find traditional media a bore and use the internet for news.

They know they are “special” and they love their tattoos!


 Millennials live in a candy store of technology and toys.

Allowing them to talk, walk and text – balancing friends and noise.

Gathering world wide “experiences” to add to resumes.

Never mowing a lawn, waiting on tables or paying their own ways.


If we want a Millennial to find our product or campaign

Put it on You Tube, My Space or Linked In by name.

Don’t be boring, wordy or trite

Millennials will spread bad news faster than light!


Millennials want to be complimented, appreciated and shown a good time.

Rolling in to work with their IPods and flip flops about noon is a sign

Of the Millennials’ irreverence to convention and brick stores.

Internet shopping works better for trips, shoes and smores.


Now what does this all say to an “old timer” like me?

I don’t need a new spouse, car or friends to be my family.

But I do want to play in the sandbox of techie fun

Communicating effectively with those younger and on the run.



Last year we hired a Millennial so we’ll be “New Media” experts.

Building Web sites, interactive communications and creating client alerts.

I am grateful for the chance to learn more every day

But beyond what I’ve told you, I’m not sure what to say!


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