Low hanging fruit: news releases with Board names

The Nonprofiteer, a prominent blogger in the non-profit space (who mysteriously uses only her first name, even in her “about” description), offered this in today’s post:

Every charity should put out a press release whenever a new member joins its Board–not just because the Board member’s neighborhood paper will pick it up (though it will) but because it’s an opportunity to claim an endorsement from a substantial member of society while at the same time describing an old institution as if it were new.  And because it’s an acknowledgement, one of far too few, of the importance of Board members to the nonprofits they serve.”

I recently experienced the value of this easy technique, up close and personal.  In serving on a marketing committee for a high school, I did a dive into a Google search to see what kinds of candid comments I might find.  Among other things, I learned from a local bank’s news release that they had appointed a new board member, who happened to have graduated from same high school.

The announcement came up on the second page of results – not high, grant you – but it also appeared in six different forms as online publications picked up the announcement from the original release.  And the releases were picked up verbatim.

So, more endorsement for Steve Heath’s perspective, which I shared in yesterday’s post…


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