Part II of II: Will my blog give away the farm?

One acquaintance wrote:  “I think the blog is a good idea providing no ‘secrets’ are revealed. We are in an age of transparency and sharing, but people are still people. I think, if your blog catches on, that it will be beneficial to you in that others will step on or enhance your ideas and perceptions. Both are favorable outcomes if you are intellectual about it and not personal.”


As a nun-CEO of a health care organization once told me, “Feedback is a gift.”  So thanks for that!


I’m so glad he wondered about the potential that I would somehow share proprietary information about a non-profit.  Because if he wondered, probably someone else out there did, too.  Absolutely, positively never – unless there was a reason for wanting to share specifics and permission was given. 


To adapt a phrase sometimes credited to John Wanamaker and sometimes to adman David Ogilvy,  “Half of marketing is wasted.  The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”


There is so much need out there, and so much waste occurs in all kinds of marketing communications.  I suspect that is even more true on the non-profit side since there are fewer resources devoted to evaluation.


By pooling knowledge about effective and ineffective approaches, I believe that all boats will rise for some time to come.


So, learned anything interesting lately?  Email me or comment!  And check out the subscribe by email feature that I activated.  You can always press delete if the topic doesn’t strike your fancy.

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